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Josh H build diary

Postby harveymac89 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:01 pm

Hi all,

My names Josh, avid Robot Wars fan back in the day. Loving the new series and looking to build an ant, I live in a 1 bed flat so my kitchen is my workshop :wink:

I hope you don't mind me starting my own thread to ask some Q's and document my progress.

So far I have managed to:
Hack the Rx from a RC toy car
Modified some TowerPro servos for continuous (I had spare in my toolbox)
Wired up a fairy light battery holder to my Rx pcb

This was all done as a 'test run' to see if I could build an Ant (for free). It's slow and ugly and generally pants, but it works.

I now want to build something serious that I can compete with. I like the idea of building a high torque pushbot with a shovel style front.

I've started to research parts and have quickly become overwhelmed. I want to utilize motors as opposed to servos and have come across the following on fleabay. ... Swa~BYWPFl

Cheap!!! They are obviously copies of the Pololu motors but the fact they only have an RPM of 60 worries me, will I end up with a sluggish bot?
Should I stop being a cheapskate and go for something like this instead?

Like I have said I am looking to build a bot with some pushing power!!!

Look forward to hearing your responses.

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Re: Josh H build diary

Postby Shakey » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:09 pm

On the N20 gearmotors 60RPM is way too slow, most ants these days run 500rpm (rpm rating at 6v so ends up more on a lipo) on 20-30mm wheels. Those tend to be the 30:1 gearboxes of the 'cheap' variety or 50:1HP of the pololu variety.

Either will have more than enough pushing power though.

You seem to be off to a good start though, already stuck in :D
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Re: Josh H build diary

Postby harveymac89 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:47 pm

Haven't used any CAD software since school, (well over 10 years ago!). But searched for free CAD software and found SketchUp Make, watched a few tutorials and was able to knock up a quick 3D model of the kind of bot I want to make.

Front (large pushing surface with 'wings')
Rear view
Shell (to be made from one piece of bent plastic), with wooden wedge at the rear for securing the 'lid'
The 'lid', that will hang over the front and attach at the rear.

I imagine the design will change over the course of building, but happy I have a rough idea of the direction I am heading in.

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