Hello - I'm going to build some ants

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Hello - I'm going to build some ants

Post by minionhunter » Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:45 pm


I just wanted to say Hi, my name is Matt, I'm a neuroscientist and am living/teaching in the US. I am going to build some ants in the next few months with my kids. I started to type up my questions and after it got to five pages of single spaced questions and I was still going I figured I needed to really distill the essentials what I really wanted to ask at first. I just wanted to say Hi and that I will be asking some questions soon (likely this weekend).

I've been reading the forum for about two months now, (aside from battlebots and robot wars - go team Nuts!) I've watched the AWS 46-51 plus the AWS open multiple times with my kids. They love the "grinders" and destruction. I told them first we will build some simple pushers and wedge style flippers before we get to the dangerous and more complex bots. I'm really impressed with the amazing bots you all have made.

BIG thank you to team panoramic, we love all your stuff on youtube.

I'll simplify my initial questions and try to post a few this weekend. Thanks again and good luck at the Ant Freeze!

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Re: Hello - I'm going to build some ants

Post by Shakey » Fri Jan 20, 2017 5:24 pm

Heya, welcome to the community and to combat robotics in general. Now the first thing you want to learn is hiding invoices and receipts from friends and families so they can't see how much you're spending.
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